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#1.  Congratulations...you have your education.

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#2.  If you need financing, no problem.  You cannot be turned down even with questionable credit.  But, you may qualify for even more than you education and be able to use it on your first deal.  

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#3.  I'm going to be your mentor.  Plus, there are 1000 of new and seasoned investors you'll be able to meet and partner with on great deals around the country.  The beauty of this is you will not be alone.  Each week there are no less than 3-4 webinars, a local meeting and a walk-through of a house.  You can do as little or as much as your want.  The education is yours for a lifetime as is the community!


#1.  Need more info, no problem. 

        -- Please commit to do the following steps:

A.  Watch this pre-recorded 15-minute briefing. 

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B.  Go to a LIVE training in your area.  (Tell me where you are located and I'll register you.)

C.  Check out several success stories of folks just us.  

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#2.  Understand the costs and benefits.

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#3.  Then call me and let me answer any of your questions or concerns.  214-952-5604 cell


#1.  Need more time/Not interested, no problem.

        -- Just do one more step...

Ask your family and friends, "If I started investing in real estate on the side, what would you say?" 


Then listen to their responses and process that for your information.  If you get a lot of "Wow, that would be great...how are you going to do that?"  then consider getting back in touch with me. 

#2.  Feel free to reach back out when you are ready. vikki@vikkiwells.com, VMW Investments.com.