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B+e+e Charitable Organization


To continue to encourage and inspire people of all walks of life to be their best, eliminate the negatives and work for eternal value as Dr. Thelma L. Wells has taught for over 50 years.  This ministry highlights her life and ministry, but extends beyond to incorporate messages of hope and eternal joy from Vikki Wells and other women and men called by God to speak in these last days. We will do this through the mediums of streaming TV, radio, podcasts, and social media. 

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Thelma Wells & Vikki Wells

Thelma Wells, lovingly known as "Mama T", and her daughter, Vikki, were a great team since 1998.  

Mama T is known worldwide as the bee lady who gave the best hugs, always listened, offered wise counsel, loved her family, honored her husband and spoke with such amazing love, joy, and happiness.  Mama T wrote several books throughout her career, spoke professionally both in the corporate and Christian arena, and helped shape the lives of thousands of women through her own A Woman of God Ministries while speaking for Women of Faith and other wonderful women's and church organizations. 

Vikki joined her mom in the late 90's after working at People Magazine in New York City and after graduating from Southern Methodist University School of Law in Dallas with her Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree. Together they produced "Bee The Best" Television Series that aired on Daystar and the NRB channel.  They worked hand in hand, always in unison, to produce conferences including the READY TO WIN conferences, GENERATION LOVE, and PICNIC AT THE LAKE.  They produced a play that showcased at McFarlin Auditorium called, THE KING SISTERS. And Vikki, Mama T and Vikki's then 10-year old daughter, Marsaille, traveled to 25 cities to share the love of God and his heart for legacy-building within families on the WOMEN OF FAITH FINAL TOUR.  

Vikki ran the ministry, doing much of the work herself, while Mama T flew like the bumblebee and made sure everyone she encountered flew too.  Her motto was, "In Christ, You Can 'BEE' the Best!

This transition is fitting now that Mama T is home in heaven looking down and cheering her children, family and friends on. 

B+e+e Charitable Organization will carry on her legacy and continue to instill inspiration, faith, love, hope and true joy in others through it's work, led by Vikki Wells.

Vikki says, "We will also fight against abuse in children and in the elderly as I believe my mother would have wanted.  She was a FIGHTER and she always won because she had God on her side no matter what she faced.  She taught me the meaning of being a Christian and showed me daily the love of God.  I am honored to continue what God started in her.  She was truly A WOMAN OF GOD!"

Over the next year, you will see more and be invited to take part in our new direction.  You will also be able to hear Mama T's teachings and pass on her amazing beauty to the next generation.

Our Motto:  Be Inspired to "Bee" the Best!

Vikki Wells

Executive Director

B+E+E Charitable Organization - 501c3 application pending.

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