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Marsaille Wells

Actress. Model. Writer. Host. Singer. Influencer.

Marsaille is an adventurous teen with a BIG personality. She's a singer, actor, writer, dancer and model.  She loves writing songs that tell a story and paint images of fantasy, fairies and beautiful things.  She has an old soul.  She writes with a fervor, passion and wisdom of a girl who five times her age.  When she picks a up a pen to write, it flows easily out of her and you know she’s found her calling. 

At 10 years old she performed, “Jesus Loves Me”, to stadiums of up to 10,000 women on the Women of Faith Final Tour (William Morris) and she travelled to 16 cities with the tour.  Her rendition moved women to tears because she sang like with a depth like she was sounding a trumpet.   

Marsaille excels in everything she does.  She can be seen in AT&T, Invisalign YouTube, and Pizza Hut commercials, a Sunsosi national print ad, and episodes of her won Streaming TV Network in the works to launch in the Fall 2022.  

Find her single, "Shine On Butterfly" on Spotify and find her latest single, "Two Steps Back" on the Compilation CD, Everyday of My Life, produced by NWP.