Entrepreneur Desk 101                            Cost: $65.00 


Access 1:  24 How to Videos to Jump Start Your Business and Speaking Career 

Access 2:  How to Write a Book in 30 Days (No Kidding) - Video Training

Access 3:  Access to That A Girl Training Videos to help you with your employees

Access 4:  Ebook - Capture Your Audience Through Storytelling by Professional speaker, Thelma Wells.

Access 5:  How to Host a Conference on a Shoestring Budget - Video Training

Access 6:  So, You Want to Be a Speaker?  by Thelma Wells. - Video training for professional speakers.

Access 7:  Ebook - Millionaire Dropouts (Entrepreneurial success and wealth strategies)

BONUS Ebook by Thelma Wells, "The Buzz"

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