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Real Estate Investment Education Training.  The school we are currently attending, Renatus, was established in January 2011 out of a passion for creating financial freedom through service to others, achieved by Real Estate Investment Education. The school was built upon the knowledge that real estate and business ownership are a powerful combination that allows both immediate and building secure wealth for long-term security.

Real estate is proven to be a powerful vehicle for the creation of wealth with the proper investment strategies. Renatus takes great pride in the quality of its real estate investing education, from the University of Phoenix model Instructional Systems Design learning practices, to the exceptional credentials of the practitioner instructors and the convenient, effective online classroom system. As the school’s students of real estate investing education enjoy success in their investing careers, they become passionate about sharing it with others.

The program is poised to change the landscape of America by instructing one million entrepreneurs with this real estate investment based wealth creation system. Most importantly, when students and entrepreneurs use their wealth and knowledge to help others, the true vision of the school is realized!

Basic Training

The basic courses listed below each run around 8 hours, and can be watched as many times as is necessary to gain a complete understand of each topic. Click the titles below for more information on each class.


Creative Acquisitions


Credit Management


Deal of the Decade


Mortgage Acceleration


Real Estate Essentials


Real Estate Marketing


Real Estate Red Flags


Self Directed IRAs


Tax and Legal 1

Tax and Legal 2

Advance Courses

Advanced courses offer a focused and thorough learning experience that is taught by seasoned professionals with hands-on experience in their respective disciplines. Each of the five vocational tracks is comprised of 5-7 relevant courses (around 8 hours each) to achieve specific learning objectives. Some courses do overlap into different tracks as they may be relevant to both.

Fix and Flip
– Market Analysis
– Understanding Mortgages
– Private & Hard Money
– Fix and Flip Day I
– Fix and Flip Day II
– Foreclosures
– Wholesaling
– Auctions
Lease Options
– Market Analysis
– Understanding Mortgages
– Buy and Hold Day I
– Buy and Hold Day II
– Foreclosures
– Subject-To Purchases
– Managing Property Managers
– Lease Options
Short Sales
– Market Analysis
– Understanding Mortgages
– Private & Hard Money
– Short Sales Day I
– Short Sales Day II
– Foreclosures
– Auctions
Multi-Family Dwellings
– Market Analysis
– Understanding Mortgages
– Private & Hard Money
– Multi-Family Day I
– Multi-Family Day II
– Investment Property Managers


Notes, Tax Liens & Deeds
– Market Analysis
– Understanding Mortgages
– Private & Hard Money
– Seller Financed Notes Day I
– Seller Financed Notes Day II
– Tax Liens & Deeds
Commercial Real Estate
– Commercial Real Estate Intro
– Commercial Analysis
– Commercial Leases
– Commercial Lending
– Commercial Real Estate
AIT XTream Plus Bonus Track
– Understanding Your Investor ID
– Negotiations
– Financial Strategies
– Title, Escrow & Closing
– Advanced Mortgage Acceleration
– Raising Money and Partnerships
– Financial Awareness
– Wealth Acceleration
– Credit Repair
– Bankruptcy
– Real Estate Sales Success

AIT: $8K [Essentials + 2]
Min. downpayment: $1634
Approx. $250 month
 (good for a year.)

AIT Xtream Plus: 20K
Min. downpayment: $4024
$590/m. All classes (good forever.)

Essentials: $2K
Min. downpayment: $424.40
Approx. $102 month
 (good forever.)

Donyetta Jenkins

James & Lisa Leis

Michael Huggins

Anyone can achieve success once you have the right tools!

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