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Helping you get your movie and TV script read, optioned and produced.

Hello!  My services are not free.  I  know, BUMMER.  But, I'm very reasonable.  Be prepared to pay at least $500 to get started if your script/concept needs work prior to me pitching and I will take an agents percentage once your project is optioned.  Please consider this prior to contacting.

It takes the personal touch to get non-recognized and first time writers scripts read by readers, casting directors, managers and celebrities. 

I can and will get your script summary noticed and read by real decision-makers.  

My personal contacts have more than 50 years in the industry and have worked with the industries best directors, producers and movie houses at Sony, Paramount and Fox.  Even if you've decided to produce it yourself as an indie film, you still want an acclaimed actor to attract attention.  I will help.  Complete the form and let's talk.  

$500 - Script Agent Deposit

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