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How to select a good accounting software.

How to choose an good accounting software in the cloud?

The rave now is “in the cloud, in the cloud, it’s great in the cloud.” Well, to be quite honest, it’s scary being in the cloud OPEN for cloud hackers to come and steal all your information – but especially if all your bank account information is there.

Well, I use Wave Accounting because it uses 256-bit SSL encryption, and its servers are housed in facilities with physical and electronic safeguards. Its protocols are certified and its security is subject to third-party testing. And User data is routinely backed up off-site.

The pros go on and on. So, or you ready?

1. Free – and it’s better than the paid options out there. They do have ads BUT it’s related ads and many of them work with system to make it better.

2. Ease of Use – A child could use it…and so can you.

3. Saves Time – because it organizes my finances and prepares me for tax time.

4. Integrates Personal and Business Software – What that means is I can have my business and personal accounts linked and access them both with a single log-in.

5. And in the video on which payment system to use, I mentioned that I could invoice my clients through my accounting software and they could pay me through my invoice – well, this is what I use: Wave Accounting.

6. In addition, you can use wave accounting – connected to your stripe account – to take orders at your speaking engagements.

7. And one more cool feature is you can take a photo of your receipts and upload them directly into wave accounting.

It will save you time and save you money (because it costs you $0) to use. So, I’ll say it again: SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART BUT BE BUSINESS SMART.


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