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Tips to prepare for 2017

Every year this time I take a yearly assessment. I think about all the things that made me smile, all the business decisions that made me frown, and all the lessons I've learned. (I don't wait until January because I'm already geared up to go by then.) Here are two things I've learned just from this year:

1. Don't move to hasty and don't move to slow. I know. This is very difficult to do. One thing I heard this year that made me understand that I really do know when the timing is to listen to "the inward witness." Some call it our 6th sense. Others call is our conscience. Women like to say, "It's was my intuition." Well, whatever it's called -- although I believe it is really a "HIM". I've learned to depend upon my "inward witness" more. And I'm going to make a special effort to LISTEN for more PEACE of mind, ease of heart and freedom from unnecessary burdens and difficulties. You know, the things we can avoid. How about you? ('s a good teaching on the subject: How to be Led by the Spirit)

2. Stop and laugh at something that I've thought of --- everyday. This means that I shouldn't look around me to laugh. I should only hear myself think thoughts -- happy, even cra-cra thoughts -- that make me laugh out loud. It changes the moment and releases tension. It's also away to "resist the devil" and temptations. It really does create something special inside of us that even overcomes fear! I tried it the other day when something didn't happen that I wanted to happen. And it made ALL the difference.

So, as you prepare for 2017, I hope these tips help. (It's not brain surgery suggestions but we all need little reminders that we really do have the power within us.)

Also, I've decided to start up my classes again. They were a big hit a few years ago. So, I'm bringing back the ones that will help you be better at what you do on a daily basis.

Oh, here's one more tip:

3. Don't let good solid practices and projects go un-managed just because you start something else. Figure out creative simple ways to keep the wheels turning.

To check out my NEW's a link. BOOK-ONLINE

Happy Thanksgiving Month!

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