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What are you cra-cra thankful for?

Okay. I know this is non-traditional but I believe it's going to make you smile, think, and appreciate the little things.

My mom, Thelma Wells, always prays and says this: "Lord, thank you for THE LINES IN THE ROAD." Honestly, I kind-of giggle (in my mind) every time! [Don't tell her.] But, it does make me think that I should be grateful for EVERYTHING.

So, here I go...

I'm thankful for MUSTARD. I love mustard on everything. Plus, if I ever have a cramp, I take a spoonful and I'm healed instantly. I also think it helps me to look younger (can't prove it!). Mustard is magical. It's natural -- from the mustard seed. And Jesus even mentioned it. Go, Jesus! Matthew 17:20

Now, it's your time. What are you cra-cra thankful for?


Hey, my friend and former Dallas Cowboy (Go Cowboys!) Cheerleader, Sonja Samuel, is having a great seminar workshop on December 1st to get you ready for the Holidays and New Year. It's called, "GET THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND!" Check it out. Registration link.

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