How to Professionally Videotape Yourself

Since the introduction of smart phone and tablets, the industry has changed. It used to be that you had to pay thousands for a great video…and truth be told…in some cases, I wish many speakers still would. But, there are ways to get a professional look pretty affordable. See this camera here: It’s a Canon EOS. The picture is beautiful if you’re shooting a talking head because I’m using a 52 mm lens (sold separately.) I love this camera because its high def, you need some lighting, but not very much and the image is gorgeous. It costs around $500 with the lens. The problem is this – the audio sucks! You’ll sound like you are in a cave. I’ve used a couple of mics that I’ll list below – and they are okay for a website video -- but the only time I’ve gotten great audio using this camera is when I’ve hired a professional audio producer – which costs. If you just want to reach out to your audience and say “Hi, looking forward to meeting you at the XYZ conference, then use this canon or a similar XLR camera. If you want to say hello on Facebook or be more friendly, then choose a white background or get a neutral room divider and use your smart phone or tablet on a tripod. Make sure that there is NO NOISE or strange distractions like photos in the background or a smoke detector beeping. And don’t shoot it outside.

The audio is pretty good on these smart devices for “Hello, there” videos, but to get a professional look and sound, I still suggest your hire a professional. But, remember everyone who says they are a professional – may NOT be. I’ve had some bad experiences! Another important thing…if you don’t want to make video editing your second career, just use someone else. Editing takes a while. So, choose your time and resources wisely when videoing yourself. In summary:

  1. Make sure your video is clear

  2. Make sure your audio is clear

Then to add a more professional touch with your open, credits (where appropriate) and how to get in touch with you.

And finally, if you’re at an event speaking, either hire a professional to video tape you (you don’t want to have to be worrying about this) or get the client too.


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