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How to Create Your First Ebook

Creating an ebook is easier than you think. As a speaker, you already have the tools as close as yout mouth. Yes, your mouth. I want you to record it first. We talked about recording your speeches before. We also talked about using webcasts to record your presentations as well to gather relevant questions and answers. So, record it! Make sure that you have already organized it into several points and/or discussion topics. Once you’ve recorded it, then send it off to a transcriber. Here’s two legitimate resources transcribe it.

  1. Use Fiverr, but not just anyone. The seller to use is bethfys. She’s fantastic! I’ve used her several times and she’s always quick (about 3 days turnaround), accurate and affordable.

  2. You can also use: Use of the SpeakWrite service is completely pay-as-you-go.There are no fixed costs of any kind for using the service or having it available to you 24 hours a day.You are only charged for work transcribed for you, and only at a per word cost for words transcribed. No monthly charges, no minimums, no other charges of any kind.

Now, once you have it transcribed into a word document; print it out, read over it and cut and paste the information from your transcription into about 6 or more chapters. You will need to do this yourself because you know the information you want to include. Once this is done, send it off to an editor – use Fiverr again or if you know editors that are friends or acquaintances use them. Try not to pay a whole lot at this point although you may need to put a little in your budget because the magic is in the editing. Let me tell you a story. The first book Thelma Wells ever wrote was done this way. She was invited to speak at the National Speakers Association annual conference as a showcase speaker. This is high cotton for a speaker because you are highlighted as a pro and speaking to your peers. She was very excited. But, they ask her to provide her book so they could showcase it too. She said she didn’t have one. Well, I overheard her and told her to tell them we would have her book to them by the deadline. She hung up the phone and looked at me crazy. I told her basically what I’m telling you to do today the only difference is that we did not have the modern utilities that you do now. We chose the topic storytelling because she’s a fantastic storyteller and she would record her chapters using a small (well, actually it was a honking big cassette recorder) around with her. Once she recorded it and got it back to me – I transcribe it using my new apple mac. Once all was transcribed I asked about 5 editor friends to edit it. This was great – because I noticed that one would find something another one wouldn’t and so on. Once we got it in shape, we hired an illustrator.

So, this is your next step. Hire a graphic artist through (not fiverr) and set a budget for it. Send out to their list of graphic artists a proposal, then review the credentials of each. Choose one and work with them to achieve the look you want. You do not have to use a lot of photos (the rights will cost you a pretty penny), just get it professional looking – which a good graphic artist will. Ask them to also create a nice colorful cover for you but send them an example of one you like. Check out the latest best sellers on Amazon and choose a design you like. Once they get the book to you and you approve of it, you’re almost there.

Finally, check out the requirements to upload it into the Amazon store. I’ve listed a link below just in case things change (as they always do.) Amazon basically gives you your own page free and collects the fee and sends you your portion. Now, what will your prospects think: You got it. You’re somebody important…and you are!


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