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How to Create a Store for your Website

I’m going to give you two trusted ways to create a web store fairly easily. The first one I will mention and talk a little bit about – then send you to the links to discover how to do it; the second one is the one I’ll focus on.

  1. Create an Amazon Affiliate Store. The main link is So, what is it? An aStore gives you the power to create a professional online store, in minutes and without the need for programming skills, that can be embedded within or linked to from your website. The products in your store can be anything Amazon has listed within it’s store. ANYTHING. So, if you’re just starting out. This is awesome because again you get to borrow on someone else’s celebrity status by putting their products into your store under headings like BOOKS I RECOMMEND, GADGETS TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS; whatever. Include only products that make sense to your business. For example if you train on computers, add your favorites to your store. So, you ask how do I do this. Well, first go to You’ll find the link to sign up (it’s Free), explanations on how to get started and how to get paid, and how ot join the program. Once you do this, follow the guide and create your store. Once that’s done, then they will give you a code to add right to your webpage or you can simply use the store url they give you and link it to your website. I’ve used Amazon for Thelma Wells’ store for years because it allows her to sell bumblebee pins as well as her books and other products from other authors she admires. The downside is the commissions are not big checks…so don’t set it up to get rich – you won’t!

  2. The second way is to create your own personal store where you keep most of the money. Using, you can do this real easy. First, you will upgrade your combo account (remember my training on this) into an ecommerce account for $20.00/month. Once you do this, then choose the Ecwid store front. Look at the video on how to do this in wix or call their support line and ask them to walk you through. It’s real easy once you do it once. Once the Ecwid widget (as wix calls it) is installed on a page, you just open it and start adding products. It’s a great store to add eproducts because each product page has simple blanks for you to fill in the information including links. BUT, here’s one bit of very important information – USE STRIPE as the credit card company that everything is processed through. Remember I talked about stripe in the payment processing training. Well, it’s free to open an account. So, do so and use it. Once you get your products in the store, promote it to your lists and on social media and see orders come in. It’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning and have even a $20.00 order come through. It will go straight into your bank account through STRIPE and you’ll be happy you took the time to create a storefront.

This training is all about helping you be a better business professional as well as a speaker. So, remember SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART BUT BE BUSINESS SMART.

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