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How to Hire an E-assistant

I don’t have any employees – and I never ever ever will. I hate paying employee taxes and all the things that go along with that whole mess. And why should I have employees? But, it looks like I am staffed up to the hills…I have e-assistants. The downside first:

  1. There are seasons when you think you’re found the perfect person, then something happens and either they move on or you need to move on.

  2. It’s kind of hard to build a trusted relationship.

  3. It can get to be a pain posting each and every job.

The pros:

  1. You don’t have to keep them. Most of them you will never see – and some – never talk to. So, you’re not emotionally tied to them if you have to release them.

  2. They will perform or not get paid. Period.

  3. You never ever pay them upfront or give them a part of the fee.

  4. You use different e-assistants for different jobs. Say, you need a press release: Well, just hire someone to do your press release that knows how to do it. You need research work done, great! Hire someone who is a wiz at research.

  5. You can give them as much or as little work as possible and you set the rate of pay. You only have 20 to get job A done; then tell them that’s all you got. Can they do it or not? If not, find someone else.

So, where do you go to find talented professionals? There are lots and lots of sites, but these are the two that I’ve used with great success:

First is merged with Odesk so they have millions of freelancers.)I generally restrict my search for an assistant by area to less say Texas and by hourly pay – less say $5 an hour.Then I post the job and see who replies.I’ve found some great assistants…all working from home.You will need to pay them through elance once you’ve approved their work and the best way is to have a PayPal account with your bank account connected.I personally don’t want my debit or credit card connected directly.So, again it’s easy:This is what you do--

Post your job for free

Review proposals, choose freelancer

Manage and collaborate online.

Safely pay when you approve work

The second site I love is freelancers boost that they will do just about any type of business work for $5.00.You heard me right.And by and large, I’ve had great success.I’ve had flyer’s designed, sales letters written, transcriptions completed, logo’s created, and research done for only $5.00.Now with anything like this you’re going to have some bad apples that promise great things and never complete the work.But in Fiverr when you select the freelancer and press pay, your money goes into an escrow account. It’s passed onto the freelancer after you approve their work.If you don’t approve the work, then your money sits in the escrow account for you to hire someone else.But, I don’t mind this because – it’s just $5.And by the way the terminology is “a gig.”So, some freelancers might say for “a gig,” I’ll do A.But for two gig’s I’ll do A, B and C.But, the array of expertise is phenomenal.

And what I love the best about both of these options is while you are sleep – other people are working. How cool is that!So, go get you a slew of e-assistants and remember, SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART BUT BE BUSINESS SMART.

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