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How to Choose a Great Calendar System

And I think the keyword here is BUSINESS. Google calendar is great and Outlook calendar is great too but what happens when you get an assistant and you need to share your calendar but you don’t want her to see all your personal notes! You’re going to need a Business Calendar that allows you to put everything in one place: your business clients – their name, email, phone, and notes about the speak engagement, etc as well as your, personal notes and todo lists.

So, this is one tool that I’ve been using for years and it keeps getting better and better – plus they have a mobile verson now -- it’s called Calendarwiz. There tagline is: Easy & Affordable Online Calendar Software, and it’s true. Okay here’s the benefits:

  • Single and Repeating Events

  • Smart Phone / Mobile App

  • Month, Week, Day and List View

  • Web Widgets - Upcoming Events, Mini Calendar, Search, iCal & RSS

  • Multiple Administrators / Managers

  • Broadcast Emails & Reminders to Users

  • Resource & Room Scheduling

  • Public and Private Calendars

  • Multiple Event Categories

  • Customizable Colors & Graphics

So, how much Vikki? Prices start at $8.00 per month for 25 calendar users & unlimited visitors. Now, you do have to pay that annually – but it’s less than 100/year for a great calendar. It a smart investment!


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