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How to get Value out of a Free Speaking Engagement

When you are first starting out – you will have to speak for FREE. It’s your way of practicing, getting rid of the fears, and deciding what works and what doesn’t work in your speech. So, how can you get value from of Free speech.

I suggest you always ask for all of these:

  1. A high quality/professional audio tape of the speech – because you’re going to use it to get more bookings.

  2. A high quality/professional videotape of your speech – because it’s marketing material and – if good enough, a product you can sell.

  3. A testimonial from the highest ranking person you can get it from. The president of the hospital, the pastor of the church, the VP of sales. You get the picture. Because you’re going to post that on your website and on your brochure and even on your business cards.

  4. A referral from the organizer. Tell them that you business is made up of great referrals and you would like to contact someone that they feel will also benefit from your presentation.

  5. Evaluations from each attendee, but add a testimonial line and even suggest that they’ll get a free ebook from you if they complete the full evaluation with their name, company, email, phone and testimonial.

  6. Lots of tweets, facebook posts, a facebook event mention, eblasts and even Linkedin posts. Say “yes” if they partner with you to spread the word.

  7. They set up a TV or radio interview for you (and possibly a mention in their local newspaper of magazine.)

  8. If you have books or other products, they set up a product table for you and allow you to sell your wares. But, make sure that they push it for you or you promote it yourself with tact. (That’s another video.) Remember, you’re an expert and people want products from experts.

  9. Have them promise to have you back – for your fee – if the evaluations are good (which they will be.)

Put this ALL in your contract and don’t let up off of them. Remember, you’re giving value to their event and it’s only fair for them to show you that they appreciate it.

So, don’t be afraid to take an engagement for FREE, just maximize it!


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