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How to Put Twitter on Autopilot

Can you count the social media outlets that you can use today to stay connected and get your message out? NO! Every day – it seems—there’s another one. Well, I was at a meeting and the speaker talked about two that would lead the pack for many years to come in the business world – which you’re in as a speaker: TWITTER AND LINKEDIN. So, you have to use these tools – even if you’re already on facebook. GET ON TWITTER. If you’re not, then I suspect it’s because you’re going, “I don’t have time to sit around all day a tweet. Really?” Well, neither do I. That’s why I looked for a software that would allow me to autopilot my tweets. (Now, here’s where I put a disclaimer…I know that tweets are suppose to be personable; that’s why you still should tweet yourself a few times a day…put quotes and sayings and Happy Fourth of July…etc, etc. you can autopilot.) There are two that I suggest you use right away.

The first is It’s getting smarter and smarter and you can also connect facebook, linkedin and even youtube. It’s reasonable. Only about $10 a month. I know it’s free BUT NOT IF YOU USE THE Autopilot feature. Just put it in your budget so you can upload lots a tweets into the system. They have a sample excel document on line. Download it… and then change the dates, the tweets and the links. Upload it and watch it automatically send out tweets and other posts for you. The other is TWEETADDER. Have you heard of it? It’s amazing because you can:

  1. Look at your competitors followers.

  2. See who is not following you back.

It has:

Pro Search Filters & List Building

Advanced Profile Bio Search

Tweet Search by Keywords

The downside is now it’s GONE. Yep - Twitter got rid of it. Sorry. (I'll let you know if I find a replacement.)

Okay. There’s one other software that I love—it’s great all the way around –because it gives you a great view of activity of your best clients. It’s called Nimble. My mouth flew open when I realized it’s powerful features for only $15.00 a month. The best thing for you to do it to take the FREE trials on all of these and then decide if you need 1 or all three. I use all three. Hootsuite to schedule auto tweets, Tweetadder to find out who is following my competitors and Nimble to keep in contact with my top clients. But, find out what’s best for you and remember, SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART BUT BE BUSINESS SMART.

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