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How to Create a Teleseminar that Garners Your Credibility

Okay the reason you need to host a teleseminar is NOT to make money. It’s NOT to create products (although you may very well do it.) It’s NOT to get your prospects to login and listen (they probably won’t – so don’t get your feelings hurt.) The reason you create a teleseminar is to get credibility with VIPs! These are very important people either in your field, or people you admire, or people who have a lot of influence and just their name connected with yours will enhance your reputation.

Now, this is not expensive as far as money is concerned although it is time consuming. The best resource I’ve found for how to do this successfully is a guy name Mike Cerrone who created first first teleseminar and earned $23,000. Now I didn’t say you couldn’t make money – I just said it shoul not be your main goal. Mike’s link to how it did it is below. It’s So, I’ll just give you an overview of his 8 steps. (But give him the credit for this – not me.)

8 Steps:

1. TOPIC - Set a topic for summit

a. Give it a Name and a Subtitle. Like Speaker Success Summit; Top Speakers – More Clients & More Income)

2. Set up a simple WEBSITE BASIC with the summit’s name. Like Create the site listing the speakers, sessions, gifts, schedule. Now this is interesting…He didn’t have his speakers yet, but he know the topics he wanted them to speak on…so he created his speaker page with avatars and underneath added the topics. It wasn’t deceptive because he then went out and found the the speakers.

3. Find speakers. Pick the best you can imagine. Google search. Email. Cast a wide net. You will be surpised who will say yes. Remember, all they have to give you is an hour of their time for you to interview them or an hour speech that they have already created. (Oh, I should say this right here – EVERYTHING IS PRE-RECORDED! You are not going to host your first teleconference summit LIVE.)

4. INTERVIEW them – Make out your Questions and send to Speaker BEFORE the call. Pre-Record the Interviews/Presentations before the event in Instant Teleseminar. Download the recording. Edit with Audacity (free).

5. Use Instant Teleseminar. It’s the best. Plus they have an Autopilot feature that will allow you to and set time date for the event and have it scheduled --- just like it was live.

6. On your website, don’t forget to add all your speakers now as well as gifts (downloadable prizes from your speakers that the registrant will get just for signing up for your teleseminar. These are free, but your teleseminar is not. Set a price for registration But Offer free gift for registering (get it.) You can use Paypal as your registration vehicle, but I suggest using the Ecwid as your store. (Check out the training on How to Create a Store for your website.)

7. PROMOTE your summit; but ask all speakers upfront to also promote it to their lists. This is how you go viral! Mike teaches you how to track the links and success of the speakers who are promoting it and what to give them as extra incentives.

8. Host the summit on the days and times set up on your website. Most of your audience will think it’s live.

But, the best thing is you would have created a relationship with people you want to be associated with. Do a great job and they will love you for the added exposure and you’ll appreciate them for their expertise in adding value to your teleseminar – or call it summit if you want to (it sounds bigger!)


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