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My Life - Entrepreneur, Ministry, Mom and More...

Okay...the best thing about being an entrepreneur is owning your own time! It's awesome to know that I can get up at the time I need (it's 5:30 am now), get dressed in sweats (if I wanted to) and go downstairs to my computer and start my work day! Purely blissful!

But, the bad thing about being a self employed entrepreneur is having to pay yourself (and your staff) every week/month when sales are low. Can I get a show of hands who agree?

So, for years it's been up and down. I'm always going to webinars, researching, trying new things, etc. - some work easily, some are too hard to do, some quick fixes take too long to generate income, some are too costly for the return on investment...BUT SOME ARE PERFECT.

On my webinar, I show you the two revenue generating machines that always work. The ROI is high enough for me to dedicate a little more time to get it up and automated and the cash flow makes me smile ear-to-ear.

So, join me this Saturday for one of these webinars. I will be sharing different things on each because of the different audiences in my fan base.

Webinar for Warriors (Christian folks needing cash flow for their ministry)

7:00 am PDT - 7:40


Webinar for Entrepreneurs (Self-employed business executives wanting to add passive income.)

8:0 am PDT - 8:40


Income Webinar for Moms (Mom's Everywhere who need additional money for today and rainy days)

9:00 am PDT - 9:40


Millennials Build Wealth Webinar (College age to 30 years old Millennials who don't want to work a 9-5 for 40 or 50 years!)

10:00 am PDT - 10:40



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