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How to Host Your Own Event on a Budget

When you are first starting out or trying to break into a different market, you may need to host your own event. I suggest that you don’t go in the hole doing it. I have – so take this from wisdom and experience. I know you see all these great conferences with the lights, camera, action, beautiful brochures, electronic gadgets…but remember your purpose. Not I’m all for looking first class on a beer drinkers budget. So, here’s my suggestions:

  1. First, determine what it is you want. A breakfast, lunch or dinner affair. A 2-4 hour training. A showcase. Then look at options to partner/bartner and to get sponsors.

  2. To partner: I mean join forces with someone who wants to reach your audience like a specialty shop, a gallery, a fitness center, a new restaurant, a business center, etc. AND ASK THEM TO USE THE FACILITY FOR FREE or less than $100. Also, make sure you can bring in your own caterer or food and drinks. This way you can keep costs down.

  3. Barter: Join forces with a company or companies who would also like to meet your audience so they can get residual income like PR agencies, marketing companies, caterers, bakers, and others services.

  4. Sponors/Vendors: Example, we hosted a Total Health Workshop and within a few weeks, I had 6 doctors offices call me wanting to be vendors at my event. They didn’t mind paying a little to reach this audience because they know that people use doctors that they are referred to or they trust.

The bottom-line is think smart – don’t go into big debt behind an event that you are hosting. And by the way – you’re a speaker. YOU ARE THE SPEAKER. So, you should speak. Understand. Don’t hire and pay someone else to do what you should be doing. Take the financial strain off and keep costs low. If you charge, then you want sweat if hardly no one signs up. If you don’t charge an admission price, you want sweat if no one buys.


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