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The Emotions of Faith #1 Abigail

#1 - Abigail

Today we start our series on THE EMOTIONS OF FAITH with one of my favorite awesome women of the Bible, Abigail. We'll take a look at her emotions as she's married to Nabal whom the Bible says was "harsh and evil in his doings" (basically unwise and a "fool") , how she dealt with his foolishness, how she humbled herself before David and ultimately became his bride -- all because she didn't let her emotions control her: She let FAITH be her guide. /Read I Samuel 25/

This series is dedicated to my mother and hero of the faith: Thelma Wells (aka Mama T). If it was not for her steadfast belief in me and her eternal love, I would not be who I am today. She gave me a plaque on one of my birthday's that read, "Mirror, Mirror on the wall -- I'm my Mother Afterall." I go!


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