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If you had big dreams on January 1st, but LIFE has got in the way AGAIN and you still don't know how you're going to get it done, then read on.

I've created these 5 sessions for you to reboot, get unstuck and really get it done! No more delays!


One-on-one sessions.

$299 Post-Thanksgiving Week Special. (Normally $499-$799.)

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Session 1

Unstuck! Build Up Your Courage. Fear is the #1 enemy to our dreams coming true. The reason why it defeats us is that part of what the enemy whispers in our ears is always true! "You can't because you haven’t “or "remember last time" or "they won't support you." These words may be true BUT so what!? You will walk away from this Session with 3 easy tools to always move forward and accomplish your dreams no matter what. These are tools I personally use and believe me I've had to fight tooth and nail many times. They work!

Session 2

Unstuck! Set Your KISS Plan in Place. It doesn't matter if your dream is to become a speaker or a teacher, to finish your book or promote it -- whatever your dreams are, you will walk away from this Session with a simple plan outlined especially for you to use to achieve your dreams starting now.

Clapping Audience

Session 3

Unstuck! Do, don't Talk! You'll come to this Session with your plan that we created in Session #2, and I'll tell you how to get it done using key resources. I'll tell you what to use so you can succeed much faster with less stress.

For example, I can help you:

  • Write the Chapter Headings to you NEW Book

  • Help You Design your NEW Website

  • Help You Create a Social Media Auto Campaign

  • Help You Produce a Series of Videos (Virtually) 

  • Help You Design a $$$ Program to Sell

Session 4

Unstuck! Defeat Anxiety. Okay, honestly, this is where anxiety comes in. After you've decided on your plan, put it down and have the resources you need -- then ANXIETY comes in the say, "Really!? You're CRAZY!" So, in this Session, I'll give you two simple ANXIETY HACKS to overcome this bump in the road to your success. PLUS, I'll set a schedule for you to get it done that makes sense for your lifestyle.


Psychology Session
Confetti Girl

Session 5

Unstuck! Celebrate!  During this Session, you're going to do the celebrating! I'm going to interview you about your goal so you can post it on your website and social media to get support and fans. It's going to be a positive statement to the world that you're Unstuck and ready to kick high!

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