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Money Money Money MONEY...Yes, don't we all have a love hate relationship with it!  Amen!  One thing I'm glad about is I won't need it in heaven.  Thank you, Lord.  But, I need it here -- and you do too.  I often think about the scene where George Bailey in "It's A Wonderful Life" asks Clarence (his angel) if he has $5k, and when Clarence says no, he remarks, "Well it comes in handy down here, bud."  

So, the truth is I didn't have the money to pay for the education I knew I needed, but I learned that I could WORK to earn it and also make additional income while doing it.  Now, Mama T didn't make NO fool!  Of course, I jumped at it and shouted too.  I hope you get excited and blessed too!


This video is about that - WHEN YOU JUST DON'T HAVE THE MONEY.  Listen I've had it, lost it, spent it, worked hard for it and even prayed for it.  And, in fact, that's what I did before I was tremendously blessed with the opportunity to start my own real estate investment company...PRAYED.  Listen to this.

Bob Synder, CEO

The Renatus Income Opportunity

Renatus was founded and is led by 25-year entrepreneur, Mr. Bob Snyder. As CEO and President, Mr. Snyder is responsible for day-to-day company operations, affiliate marketing program expansion, course curriculum evaluation and renewal, practitioner-instructor recruiting, and month-over-month increased sales performance.

Mr. Snyder began his entrepreneurial journey over 25 years ago with the desire to leave a positive mark on the world. Establishing himself as a marketing leader, he gained first-hand knowledge of what drives marketing and team-building success. Mr. Snyder built and managed sales organizations with tens of thousands of individuals, achieved top status in multiple companies, and became a top income earner in the direct selling industry. He has freely shared his formula for success as he served on more than a dozen leadership counsels and advisory boards in the direct sales industry, received recognition in national publications as an expert in his field and has personally mentored over a dozen marketers to become seven-figure earners.

Join my team and I'll make sure you're connected and get the education you need to succeed. - Vikki Wells {email}


THIS MONTH: SATURDAYS 10/14 and 10/21

(Find your niche.  Different things are covered on each webinar.)

Webinar for Warriors (Christian folks needing cash flow for their ministry)

7:00 am PDT - 7:40 


Webinar for Entrepreneurs (Self-employed AND business executives wanting to add passive income.)

8:0 am PDT - 8:40



Income Webinar for Moms (Mom's Everywhere who need additional money for today and rainy days)

9:00 am PDT - 9:40



Millennials Build Wealth Webinar (College age to 30 years old Millennials who don't want to work a 9-5 for 40 or 50 years!)

10:00 am PDT - 10:40



Christian folks needing cash flow for their ministry.


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