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Started as College Students and created a thriving business

Daniel & Sam Kwak

Renatus is a Real Estate Investing Education Program for Everyone.  Like Daniel & Sam Kwak were when they first started out -- they were college students looking to create extra income.  But, what they found was even better.  They found a supportive, non-judgmental environment of people who wanted them to succeed.  And though the education, community and mentorship, they are now living their dream as real estate investors.   It's a program designed to for everyone of all ages!

Millennial husband/wife team on balancing their lifestyle 

Jon & Summer

Jon and Summer didn't want to be dictated by somebody else's agenda so that enrolled in the education and marketing opportunity offered through Renatus.  As a result, in only four months, they were able to learn their full-time employment to focus on creating a lifestyle that allowed them to spend more time together, with their family, and leave a legacy with their family.  Last year, they made over $100k  using the knowledge they learned and with the immediate income opportunity afforded every Renatus student.


Why Real Estate Investors/Agents choose Renatus

Bill Oehme, Investor

Although Bill was already an investor, he saw the value of working with subject matter experts in specific disciplines of real estate investing to acquire the skills and knowledge he needed to advance his successful career. Among the many benefits was the live classroom community offered -- even though one an successfully study online.  Bill knew that to stay ahead of the game, he would have need to learn from “practitioner instructors” who work hands-on in the areas they teach.

What is Renatus?

Renatus is an educational company, but we don’t just teach real estate investing.….we CREATE real estate investors.* 

Our unique approach combines a world-class education with local community groups, providing you with all the resources and support you need to quickly begin your successful investing career.

Our mission is simple: “To empower one million entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, systems, and support needed to become financially free”. 

* Individuals around the world are welcome to participate in our online classes with the understanding that our educational product is US based and is specific to the US Real Estate Market.

From Corporate Recruiter to Successful RE Investor

Duane Stone

Coming from the world of college football into a corporate environment of recruiting, Duane saw the type of individuals who actually created wealth and  that by-in- large was from real estate.  He knew the secret, but he didn't know how to put it together.  One day he had an opportunity to meet Bill Oehme and Bill became his mentor and actually guided his career.  Now, Daune has the intellectual capital and knowledge he desired and he's teaching others.

From Building Contractor to Profitable Business RE Investor 

Bob Tierney

As a contractor, Bob saw the money the investors were making in real estate, but he didn't know how to make the transition until one day he asked and found out that the investor was a part of the Renatus community.  He was thenn challenged to make a list of what he wanted in life and he wrote down simple things like eating breakfast with my wife everyday.  Today, Bob does enjoy a relaxed fun lifestyle with his family because he took the necessary steps to change his future.

From High School Dropout to Learning how to Fix & Flip and more.

John O'Neal

John O’Neal explains how Renatus offers a supportive community that you can tap in to for constant motivation and inspiration. More than learning how to make more money, Renatus taught join this key concept:  Focus on how to increase your value -- not make more money.  Today John is a savvy business man who has all the tools to fix and flip, do short sells, land development, rentals and more.  But, his most cherished knowledge from Bob Snyder is  it's about value, service, loyalty, respect and how to be a blessing to others around you.

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