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My Why?

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Vikki L. Wells


I have lived many "exciting" lives.  I love to dance so I was the first Black Highlandette at Lake Highlands High. Then I went on to dance in college -- "Hooking Horns" - at the University of Texas at Austin...and then to dance for the Dallas Cowboys while I was in law school (at the time) at Southern Methodist University (SMU).  In addition to dancing, I love to travel. I took one of the last "AROUND THE WORLD" trips where I road elephants in Bali, fought off mosquitoes in Thailand, witnessed the beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan, sipped real strong black coffee at bistros in Paris, trekked mountain slopes in Katmandu, sun-bathed on black sand and red sand beaches in Hawaii, and got baptized in the Red Sea in Israel. I believe "every minute and every moment counts" - do you?

Now, I'm still craving adventure.  But my daughter, Marsaille, keeps me going. She's a tremendous actress who you can see now on an Invisalign commercial and a YouTube Kids commercial.  You can also check out out her Marsaille Inc. iHeartradio podcast and her streaming TV channel on my professionally published streaming TV network, BeeTVFlix (Of course, I'm super proud of it and her!) 


But, the life I lead requires a lot of money.  So, I went looking for a company I could still have my freedom (i.e. work from home) with a great long-standing Fortune 500 record, who would pay me what my experience is worth and whose mission for to sincerely help others protect themselves and their family -- and I found American Income Life.

So, listen to my WHY video and if you're moved to find out more about how AIL accents my life full and helps me keep my bills paid, fill out the form below and we'll chat.  

I look forward to meeting you and learning your WHY!

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Let’s Work Together

Vikki Wells

Licensed Agent:

CA #4106755

TX #2649291, #2649342

American Income Life

OPEIU Local Union 277

1125 E. Broadway Suite 862

Glendale, CA 91205

Tel: 323-459-8120

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