Vikki Wells

I love creating new ideas and concepts.  


I'm the Founder/CEO of BEETV INC. We worked with D Magazine to create and produce D on TV, a TV show for visitors that ran in the top DFW hotels for more than 3 years.  It had top celebrities like Troy Aikman, LeAnn Rimes, Martina McBride, Willie Nelson and more in it.  It was picked up by NBC-5 which ran two TV Specials. After the success of that show, I went on to produce another TV show called, IN-Style Dining


In addition, I've had the pleasure of producing my mom's TV show, Bee the Best with Thelma Wells, which airs on NRB-TV (Directv - 378).  My latest projects are Travel with Marsaille, C3 Challenge, A Veteran's Soul, The Hard Start, Valencia (About & Out) and a NEW teen channel called BeeFreeMe TV found on YouTube.



To say the least, I love life!  


Vikki Wells


P.S.  I have a law degree from Southern Methodist University School of Law and 20 years at Bausch & Lomb in sales and other sales and marketing positions.  Go to Linkedin to read more about my extensive qualifications.


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