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Note:  All Training dates have changed to 2017.

How to WRITE A BOOK in 30 days!
Okay, this is the truth -- this strategy for book writing works! It's worked for my past students. Hi, Richard! Hi, Dena! Hi, Pastor Diva (you know who you are!) It's worked for me. It's worked for Thelma Wells (my mom). And it will work for you.
I've divided it into 2-parts because I've realized that after the book is written, then what next. So, in this part, you will learn HOW to write your book (in 30-days). You choose to pay for either this part ($150) or both (Total: $198).
How to PUBLISH your book in 30 days!
In this class, we're focusing on publishing! It's pretty easy now to self-publish your book through Amazon. But, there are still several things you need to do like get a ISBN number, get designers to design the cover, design the inside, and get copywriters to read through it so it's not typo-ridden! We'll spend 3 hours making sure you know what to do, how to do it and how much time it takes to get it done. (Yes, you can get it all done within 30 days too.)
Helpful Online Business Videos
Okay. I've done over 24 really great videos. (I can pat myself on the back.) They are great because they are full of tried and true advice on just about everything you need to get up and running in any business fast. These are BUSINESS SYSTEM tips. What email client is the best for the money. What accounting system is FREE and so easy to use. How should your bio be written. On and on. You will thank me. Seriously.

ONLINE VIDEOS: You will receive the link upon checkout.
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