Helping you get your life work and passions online as a course for others to benefit from! 


Have you thought about developing and selling online courses?
Hi Friends, Many of you are smart business men and women but either your website is from the 90's (not hating...) or you haven't quite figured out the power and financial potential of hosting your own online membership courses. The truth is you need both!

You may have...
▪ Tons of presentations you've presented as a speaker -- well, turn that into course material and sell it.
▪ Lots of good videos on YouTube bringing you in $0 money -- that can be turned into course instruction and subscriptions.
▪ Good information stored in your creative brain that you need to get out and share with others -- to boost your fan base and create residual income.


Normally, I charge $1850 for a completed online course site, but the price is $1035.00 VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL until Midnight!*

[If you want both, call me and let's talk.]

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