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Deadline: 9/7/21

A one-page scrolling website is cool, up-to-date, fresh and exciting for visitors.  It also has a strong design that’s both minimalistic and organized. It’s typically more image-heavy and

includes just a small amount of text. The overall long scrolling design makes it easy to get

creative while crafting a story where you have full control over the order in which your content is seen.


The format is well adapted for mobile websites and tablets, too. A one-page website is easy to maintain and requires fewer resources than a classic website.  In essence, it’s a site that presents all of your content onto one long, scrolling page.


Parallax Effects. Another popular web design trend that’s eye-catching and engagement-boosting is parallax scrolling. This is an effect that creates a 3D illusion on your website with the different strips you’ve added in the previous step. It does so by making the layers in the background and foreground seem to move at different paces as the user scrolls down your site.  Your site will shine with parallax effects!


Business owners who will benefit from a 1-page website are:

  • Photographers

  • Designers

  • Speakers

  • Coaches

  • Experts

  • Influencers

  • Writers

  • Preachers

  • Videographers

  • Non-profits

  • Musicians

  • Realtors (New)

  • Actors

  • Entrepreneurs

You’ll be up and showing casing your NEW fresh site in no time.*


Another great benefit is after we get you up and running, you’ll be able to update it yourself -- saving you time and money!

*We commit to a 7-day turn around once we receive all your information.

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